Gallery 2

8" or 9"
Hand-dyed mohair and Ultrasuede®  in a
rainbow of Crayola® inspired crayon colors with
matching ribbon and crayon
Glass eyes
Polyester, plastic pellet and steel shot filled

Inventory of colors changes frequently

Please Note:
Colors can vary with different monitors. If
the exact color is important to you, I can send
you a snippet of the dyed mohair to show
you the true color of most of the bears shown.
Just call or email me!

Looking for a bear in a special color?
Holiday decorating with bears?
Need a birthday gift for
someone with a favorite color?  Find the
crayon color (Crayola® is easiest) or
a swatch of whatever and I can
usually match it for you
at no extra charge

$75. (each)

Order by Email

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Each bear stands 8" tall
Hand-dyed mohair and Ultrasuede® coordinates with the teacup color
Each bear has a matching ribbon & a tea bag with custom made tag
Polyester, plastic pellet and steel shot filled

Inventory of teacups changes frequently

Have a special teacup that is looking for a companion bear?
If we can connect on the right color, I can make a bear to
match your special cup and saucer or mug at a discounted charge.
Email me for details

$85. (each)

Teacup Crayonbearies™
There are more Little Guys in Gallery 3
Special Editions
Special multi color designs
Mostly available as 9" version for $95.
An occasional 8" special bear available at $90.
NEW! 9" Crayonbearies
Nothing is constant but change! I have been unable to obtain the exact mohair that I been using to make the 8"
Crayonbearies for many years. So I made a fabric switch and the newer Crayonbearies will be 1" taller, still with
that same sweet face and feel that you've made so popular.
I do have a small store of the old fabric in already dyed colors and I'll be making a limited number of bears in the
old size. But any
new colors will henceforth be made in the new size.
I hope you will love them just as much!
Solid colors in the new size will be $80.
Candy Corn
Sorry! There are currently no new
Teacup Crayonbearies available
See Archive 1 for past editions
Spring Green Parfait
X Adopted! X
X Adopted! X
Dandelion 8"
Sorry! There are currently no
9" Crayonbearies available
See Archive 1 for past editions
Indigo 8"
Burnt Sienna 8"
Forest Green 8"
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