About the Bears

All of the Raspbearies are hand made by me of the best materials I have available. I work in mohair and alpaca with very few
exceptions. All of the designs are mine with the exception of a few purchased accessories or clothing articles. I often make
accessories for the theme bears to get the correct proportions.

I use both traditional jointing methods (all 5 joints) and the looser 'wobble'  joint in many bears. All bears have German glass eyes,
sometimes with Ultrasuede® eyelids. The paw pads are also Ultrasuede®  and sometimes sculpted. A few bears have Ultrasuede®
claws. Some bears sport skeletons or armatures of either Loc-Line® or Flexlimb® which allows posing. A few bears have a unique neck
joint using Loc-Line® which allows them to tilt their head to keep an eye on you!

Please don't hesitate to email any questions you might have about construction, accessories or special requests.
© 2007-2018 Vicki Stephan Updated April 2018
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Raleigh is just itching to get out in the
garden to start his planting. He has his
watering can, pots, seed packets and stakes.
His wheelbarrow holds his mulch and hay fork,
all accessories (and stand) included.
Raleigh is a traditional-style bear made of a warm brown, black
tipped, curly matted mohair.
Ultrasuede lidded, glass eyes and is loosely jointed.
He wears a denim apron and veggie print bandanna.
Ultrasuede paw pads
Polyester, plastic pellet and steel shot filled



Gallery 1
Meet Faolan!
Faolan (that's Scots/Irish for 'Wolf') is the latest 'Big Guy' at Raspbeary Cottage.
You might have seen him at the Bears Near Bristol Show in September or waving from
the pages of the January 2016 issue of Teddy Bear & Friends magazine.

Faolan is about 33" tall, made of very soft, tipped French Tissavel synthetic fabric.
He has LocLine in his limbs for a bit of pose-ability He also has LocLine in his neck
which allows him to keep an eye on you and his surroundings. He has lidded German glass
eyes, an Ultrasuede mouth and leather-like stuffed vinyl claws. The paws are a
trapunto design which is also needle-sculpted to give a 3D look.

Faolan comes dressed with a Wallace Clan tartan scarf that I brought back from
Scotland this summer.


Oreo is savoring his favorite snack: milk and that
yummy chocolate and cream sandwich cookie!

He is made of a dense, slightly curly dark chocolate
mohair with a white alpaca inset just like his cookie.
He has Ultrasuede lidded, glass eyes and is loosely
His paw pads are sculptured Ultrasuede

He comes with his ceramic mug complete with faux
cookie and milk
X Adopted! X
X Adopted! X


Sebastian is quite the armful of fuzzy laziness!

He is made of a long and dense, hand-dyed
mohair in a dark caramel color.
His paw pads are sculptured Ultrasuede and he
sports Ultrasuede claws and
droopy eyelids.

Sebastian is filled with polyester, pellets and
steel shot. His loose, wobble joints make him
endearingly cuddly.

Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

13" (15" with hat)

This gentleman is all dressed for a Halloween bash.
He is even bringing his own martini and a lighted skull prop.
Made of black distressed alpaca, he not only has jointed
arms, legs and neck, but also jointed knees and elbows.
Lots of posing possibilities.
He is attired in top hat, vest, shirt collar, shiny shoes
and spiffy spats.
Polyester stuffed, with glass eyes and Ultrasuede
paws and eyelids


The following guys are a bit out of season, but still available!
X Adopted! X
X Adopted! X